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Nova/sb is among the ten biggest advertising agencies in Brazil, and full service offices in São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro. Its 140 professionals are guided by the essence of "think, create, transform", which is also reflected in its positioning. With the intent of demonstrating the transforming power of communication, nova/sb created the first pop-up agency in Brazil. Its name, nova/batata (new/potato), comes from a reference to the nova/sb brand and the name of the neighborhood where the pop up agency was created, Largo da Batata or "Potato Square".

"Think, create, transform" underlies the work for clients such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Prefeitura de São Paulo, Controlar, Helicidade, Sabesp, Universidade Mackenzie, Prodesp, Terracor, Sou Agro, UNICEF e BNDES, among other relevant domestic and global companies. nova/sb understands that transformation is only possible when it comes from knowledge. Therefore, it invests in surveys and studies so as to know Brazil and Brazilians. This way of thinking resulted in Inova, its own survey tool that enables the agency to be tuned into people's values and attitudes.

/São Paulo
Av. das Nações Unidas, 8501
16° andar - 05425-070
11 3066.5400 / 3094.6830

SCN Quadra 2 - Bloco A
3o andar - 70712-900
61 3329.8200

/Rio de Janeiro
Rua Lauro Muller, 116
40o andar - 22290-160
21 3554.1720

The nova/batata case won an award at the 24th Marketing Best, organized by EditoraReferência (Reference Publishing House), by means of Marketing magazine, and by MadiaMundoMarketing (MadiaWorldMarketing). Launched in 1988, Marketing Best awards the companies that stand out in the planning and execution of marketing strategies, ethics and quality of products and services.

The nova/batata case is among the select group of Gold winners of the Effie prize. To get this prize it is essential to show results, effectiveness and creativity of ideas. That is what we did for our clients at Largo da Batata (Potato Square).

The nova/batata case got the 2011 Distinction in Marketing Award. The awarding is given annually by thAssociaçãoBrasileira de Marketing &Negócios (ABMN) – Brazilian Association of Marketing & Business and it is conferred on successful cases of corporate marketing, working as a meaningful tool of acknowledgement of success and excellence of a lot of companies and professionals.

Nova/batata (new/potato), the first Brazilian pop-up agency, is an initiative of nova/SB, one of the 10 biggest advertising agencies in Brazil, with 100% national capital.

The pop-up agencies follow the model that was first introduced in retail, the pop-up stores – temporary sales points of well known brands that operate for a short time.

The setting for the pop-up agency was the Largo da Batata or "Potato Square". It is a traditional neighborhood where, in the beginning of last Century, farmers used to sell potatoes brought from the countryside. Along the last years, the traditional region has been suffering a huge transformation, stimulated by the arrival of big companies in the area. This changed a lot the profile of people who circulate in the area. As a consequence, the local, small traders lost a lot of their usual consumers and many of them had to close their doors.

Nova/SB is located close to Largo da Batata and we had been observing this transformation happening very close to it. Thus, we visualized the opportunity to help these small traders by putting in practice our positioning and belief on how efficient the power of communication can be in business transformations.

And the results were above and beyond our expectations! During its 90 days of work, nova/batata serviced approximately 31 clients and developed more than 300 pieces. This was possible with the help of 16 trainees from Communication Universities, selected by the agency, who came to the challenge with fresh new blood and enthusiasm to help in this valuable project.

On the selection faze, more than 500 students applied for the job. To choose among them, we created an assignment where they would have to develop a strategic and creative proposal on how to teach drivers to respect pedestrians. They were applying for a job that would request creativity to solve problems. So we thought it was a good idea to present them with this challenge, a huge issue in the city of São Paulo. From the 500 application forms, we chose the best and interviewed 100 applicants. Out of them, we selected 16 to work side by side with the professionals of nova/sb.

In order to create buzz in the Internet, our strategy contemplated the use of Facebook –fan page and profile- , Twitter @novabatata, and a blog, where the nova/batata team exchanged information impressions and helped to quickly spread ideas for the projects that were being created for the clients. All steps of nova/batata were reported in the site-blog Tumblr, where one could find parts of the trainee diaries, comments of those who passed by, and even the opinion of customers themselves.

Click here and see everything that happened during the 90 days of nova/batata.

Nova/batata went after trainees intending to bring 'fresh blood' and ideas to this important project. 563 young people registered. Out of those, 16 students of Communication and newly-graduates were selected. They had the opportunity of working side by side with nova/SB professionals while experiencing the daily routine of a real agency.

To participate in the selection process, they were encouraged to show their talent and potential by creating a communication campaign with the goal of protecting pedestrians in São Paulo´s traffic. The more the work appeared to be helpful in reducing the amount of run-overs in the city, better the chances of that candidate. After this first selection, they were interviewed personally by the nova/sb team.

Eventually, the partnership between the trainees and nova/sb team became so integrated that the students were invited to join nova/sb's team. Eleven new young talents have been working successfully at nova/sb since then.

Check out the profile of these Young Talents on the side.

  • Alessandro Trimarco is 22 years old. He graduated from ESPM in Advertizing at the end of his work as an art director at nova/batata. Before that, he used to work as a general director at studentsTV at the ESPM school. Since he was a child, he has always loved photography, drawings and art. His passion includes cinema, videos, theater and bacon. When nova/batata came to an end he joined nova/sb's team.

  • Ana Paula Mohallem is 20 years old. She is attending the third year of Publicity and Advertising at Cásper Líbero College. Before working as a writer at nova/batata, she was a trainee in marketing at Channel Vh1 and she also worked as a (general assistant) Jack-of-all-trades at Lime Time Hostel. Outside work, her main activities are origami, drawing, films, music and a lot of food. When nova/batata finished she joined nova/sb's team.

  • Beatriz Vivanco is 20 years old. During nova/batata she attended the last year of Publicity and Advertising at Cásper Libero and has a degree in two technical courses: Tourism, in 2007 and Graphic Design, in 2009. Her first job was as a trainee at the creative department of the Unodesign advertising agency. At nova/batata, she was part of the planning team and also tried helping with clients. She likes writing, speaking, laughing non-stop and going for long walks aimlessly. If you want to know more about her, enter: When nova/batata finished she joined nova/sb's team.

  • Breno Brossard de Mello Carvalhal was born in São José dos Campos, a city in the countryside of Sâo Paulo state, and came to the capital to study Communication at ESPM, where he attends the third year. At nova/batata, he worked at the Internet area and social media. He works at the Associação Atlética Acadêmica ESPM. It is worth following him at Twitter @bcarvalhal and having a look at his blog:

  • Bruno Alberto is 20 years old and a technician in Visual Communication, graduated from ETEC in Carapicuíba (SP). Currently, he studies Digital Design at Unifieo. He worked as an art director at nova/batata, his first experience in an agency. He loves 3D, multidisciplines, he is a fan of Black Drawing Chalks, he likes movies, hanging out with friends, on-line skating and participating in events related to design. Connected, he has already got a virtual portfolio:

  • David Kang is 22 years old and while attending his last semester in Publicity at ESPM, he was part of the planning team of nova/batata. He is crazy about music and sports and a planner since very young. He began making small jobs for a family company and, then, was a trainee for about a year at the Samurai agency.

  • Gabriela Cesilla Castilho is 18 years old. She's at the beginning of the course of Publicity and Advertising at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Nova/batata was her first training program and she worked as an editor. She collects things related to pop art, such as books and advertisements.

  • Gustavo Bonzanini is 22 years old and has just graduated in Social Communication from ESPM. He had a short experience at the agency of the college and was a marketing trainee at Brasilprev. He worked as an art director at nova/batata. He likes books, music and the color orange. When nova/batata ended he joined nova/sb's team.

  • Helena Nabuco is 20 years old. She attends the fifth semester of Graphic Design at ESPM. Her first job was at nova/batata, as an art director/graphic designer in the creative team. She likes sports very much, mainly circus exercises. One of her passions is traveling to know different places. In 2010, she was an exchange student at a Communication College in Millan for six months. She is a keen observer and loves what she does. When nova/batata finished she joined nova/sb's team.

  • Katlen Rodrigues is 19 years old and attends the second semester of Publicity at São Judas Tadeu University. At nova/batata, she worked as an art director. Before, she was a trainee as junior editor/media at the site company XPG and at Bismundi, agency of conceptual freebies. She loves music, painting, watching lots of movies and reading whatever she finds interesting. She posts references and interesting things at tumblr When nova/batata finished she joined nova/sb's team.

  • Lucas Gabriel Soares is 24 years old and a graduate in Radio and Television from Cásper Líbero College. He was a trainee at Jovem Pan Radio Sorocaba and Bandeirantes TV. He has already contributed to political campaigns and was a production assistant of Programa Busão do Brasil, run by Bandeirantes TV. At nova/batata, he accounted for the audiovisual area. Presently, he is an audiovisual editor and a direction assistant at BossaNovaFilms Production Company, that documented the 3 months of nova/batata. He likes films and music very much and plays the guitar and the piano.

  • Marcella Buchalla Pacca is 20 years old and attended the last year of Communication at ESPM, during nova/batata's work. She loves strategic planning, area she worked in at nova/batata. Sometimes she also worked in client services. She was previously a trainee at Círculo Digital, current Mobz, ESPM Agency, ESPM Jr. e AIESEC. She has two blogs, one on the first month of experience at nova/batata,, and another on trips, still in the beginning, She loves traveling, meeting new people, playing tennis, going to the movies, theatre and festivals. When nova/batata finished she joined nova/sb's team.

  • Mario Lewandowski is 23 years old. At nova/batata, he was part of the client services team. Presently, he attends Public Relations at FAAP and is the marketing director of the American Football Association Brazil. Before that, he studied Economic Sciences at Insper/Ibmec São Paulo for five semesters.

    In American football, one of his passions, he founded one of the most traditional teams in Brazil and presided the first Brazilian championship, in 2009. He has been paid homage by the Associação Nordestina de Futebol americano (ANEFA) for his collaboration with the development of the sport in Brazil. When nova/batata finished he joined nova/sb's team.

  • Matheus Pereira Costa is 20 years old and attends the first year of Philosophy at Universidade de São Paulo. Since the beginning of the year he wanted to enter the workforce and accepted the challenge of participating in the first pop-up agency in Brazil. Nova/batata was his first job.

  • Moisés Rodrigues Neto is 18 years old, the youngest in the team. He is a technician in Publicity and Advertising from Senac and attends the first year of Publicity at Anhembi-Morumbi. Nova/batata was his first professional experience and he worked in client services. He has created a blog, where he tells his experiences at nova/batata, the His hobby is on-line skating, he loves TV series and dreams about collecting mugs. In the future, the mugs will be the subject of a blog. When nova/batata finished he joined nova/sb's team.

  • Patrícia Ferreira de Oliveira is 23 years old and, during nova/batata's work, she attended the last year of Publicity and Advertising at Faculdade Santa Cecília, in Santos. She worked as an art director at nova/batata. Before the pop-up agency, she was a trainee at Plug Communication and Tônica Ideias. She has a personal blog, the, and also the, describing her experience at nova/batata. She likes collecting glass bottles with cool labels. When nova/batata finished she joined nova/sb's team.

Our story
    Nova/batata's teaser
A chat with the clients
    Nova/batata's trainees
Paróquia Mont Serrat

Paróquia Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat had been suffering a steep decline in the amount of followers, shunned from the area due to the increase of construction sites and degraded conditions to the flow of pedestrians. Not only that, but also the amount of weddings also decreased. Priest Eduardo tried some strategies such as live music during masses but the budget and the amount of volunteers were too small. Increasing the amount of donors and volunteers as well as of the followers and weddings was the proposed challenge.

The advertising of the traditional parties and the professional courses, that used to take place at the church's saloon, were strategies planned to attract the community back to the church and also to raise funds. Posters to advertise Saint Anthony's Feast, the main party in the parish, were created. For the painting course and to communicate other things in general, the team prepared a poster, layout-pattern, to be put inside the church. A logotype was also provided. In addition, a radio spot promoted the donation of "staple food baskets" and winter clothes.

Parish located on Pinheiros Square.

Curiosity: the first work done for the church consisted of posters advertising Saint Anthony's Feast. The priest liked it so much that he posted the layout proposal on the door of the church, even before the material had been finished.

Ação do Dia dos Namorados

On the eve of Valentine's day, "Sesc Pinheiros" sponsored a group of musicians (seresteiros) that walked around the stores, serenading love songs to attract customers and residents of the region. And to make the stores look a bit more attractive, we had a partnership with the shop window designer Andrea Oliveira, who prepared a booklet and oriented our clients on how to organize the windows with accessible materials that value the place as a medium.

It was necessary to find opportunities to advertise and add value to the commerce in the region which had been suffering with the consequences of unfinished construction works and the opening of the new subway station.

We created an ad, published in Folha de São Paulo, with products that could be bought at the stores of Largo da Batata (Potato Square).The offers were presented by a scale of colors, distinguishing the ad from others and showing interesting products, also found at shopping malls stores, that could be purchased at the local stores for a much better price.

We produced a jingle and a video, run at the nova/batata blog and social networks, suggesting places to celebrate the date in the region. The strategy captivated the press, generating spontaneous media for the action.

Companhia das Bolsas

Sales were falling steadily. The challenge was to attract new customers and bring back the old ones, letting people know the store has accessible prices, good quality products and variety.

Exploring the message that wishes can come true because products are good and prices, low. Promotional posters were designed, followed by price materials, promotion banners, gift vouchers, uniforms, cards and wall stickers. Specific promotional material was developed for Valentine's Day and other seasonal dates such as Mothers' Day, Christmas, Fathers' Day, Children's Day and other holidays as well as thematic actions such as "week of the color blue", "week of prints (floral, animal, graphics)", week of plaid, etc.

Store that sells purses, backpacks, bags and accessories, located on Fernão Dias Street.

Curiosity: The problem of communication was formidable: people didn't enter the store because they thought the prices were too expensive. This false perception occurred because the store is beautiful, neat and better structured than most of the others in the neighborhood. But, in fact, the store offers good quality at good prices, especially for low income people. However, it lacked advertising the message of affordable prices.

Address: R. Fernão dias, 620
São Paulo - SP

Bond Cama

To deal with a business that had no innovation (same kind of stores, same products, same commercial tactics as bigger and more traditional competitors that were arriving to the neighborhood) and that was not very well organized, a situation that interfered in the assessment of the quality of the products.

The name of the store suggested a funny game of words that could be better explored to make people remember it when the subject 'mattress' came up. "Bond cama", in Portuguese, sounds like "good in bed". The original name "Bond Camas" did not lead to this idea so directly, so, the first work to be done by nova/batata team was branding. With this little change of removing the letter "s" we could make the name of the store sound more memorable, meeting the challenge of turning it into a strong and remarkable brand. Therefore, "Bond Camas" was changed to "Bond Cama" (Good in bed). Following this change, a new visual identity was created, aiming at making it stand out in the region. The new brand was applied to the business card, façade, to the cover of product catalogues, the promotion banner, to the sticker of the delivery vehicle and to the website. A new environment was developed with the help of a specialist in shop windows, Andrea Oliveira, with a better arrangement of products and a nicer atmosphere.

Bond cama is a dealer of mattresses on Pinheiros Square. It didn't have a good showroom and it was struggling to stay open.

Curiosity: The store used to be located at the same address nova/batata set its office during its action.

Address: R. Campo Alegre, 50
São Paulo - SP

Bond Cama

In order to be able to operate properly, the League lacked the main thing: organizing calendars and advertising the championship and the League itself.

Nova/batata helped Mr. Galdino and his daughter, Ana, develop a strategy to organize the championship. The first step was to create a website that would work like a virtual office for the League, centralizing the championship chart, its team´s rankings, news on games and information on the history of LEASP (the league). To make the visual identity more suitable, nova/batata team created a new logotype, based on the original one made by Ana and also created a business card for Mr. Galdino.

Mr. Galdino was a soccer referee for a long time. Even after retiring, he kept the dream of organizing an amateur soccer championship to open opportunities for new teams in the West region of SP to participate in championships. He believed that his reliability as a referee and the amount of people he had met during his career were qualifications enough to organize the "Amateur Sports League" in São Paulo. However, he did not know how to invite the teams and how to centralize the organization of the championship effectively.

Curiosity: The office of the League is above the place where nova/batata was installed. In the beginning, Mr. Galdino was very attached to the previous logo because it was drawn by his daughter.

Address: Rua Butantã, 13
São Paulo - SP

Mari Máquinas

Mari Máquinas was a clear reflection of the neighborhood, a place stuck in time as was its communication efforts. On the other hand, it was recognized as a place of tradition.

The relationship between store and consumers had always been friendly and supported by the kindness of the customer service.

The market was restricted, with few possibilities of action. The store, anchored by the maintenance services, couldn't sell an expressive amount of its most interesting product: sewing machines.

We suggested a repositioning of the store, without any compromise to its essence. The proposed strategies tried to reach other consumers, not targeted before, such as fashion students, that represented a great potential for the business. We developed a new visual identity, classic and retro, applied to the visit card, façade, plus a poster and a manual with hints of Mr. Argemiro Soares, owner and a specialist in sewing machines. Besides that, we created an Internet site to be spread among sewing groups. To make the communication proposal more assertive, a survey was carried out in the region, in sewing workshops and schools of fashion, where the pieces could be run. Also, some opportunities to open new fronts of business were identified, such as the customization of machines. The trust built with the client was fundamental to overcome the initial resistance to such modern ideas. The results of this partnership were amazing.

This nice store that sells and fixes sewing machines has been on Pinheiros Square for about 30 years. With the help of nova/batata, the owners could find out how powerful and useful communication is, inspiring them to dare a little more, after the initial results.

Curiosity: One of the dearest characters of Largo da Batata (Potato Square), Mr. Argemiro Soares was the first client of nova/batata. Born in the state of Minas Gerais, this dogged man came to São Paulo at the time of the 2nd World War. He began as an employee and was soon the owner of his own business. A dream that came true in 1976, when he bought the store from his former boss. Despite having never advertised before, seu Argemiro understood and accepted the proposals of nova/batata team enthusiastically. He was proud of the final result, he made a point of going to the exhibition at Tomie Ohtake Institute and he kept up to date with the stories of the first pop-up advertising agency in the country. Mr. Argemiro Soares passed away on March 30, 2012, at the age of 80, leaving us the example of his perseverance. Currently, Mari Máquinas is being managed by his son, Ricardo Soares, who used to work with his father in the company.

Address: R. Campo alegre, 80
São Paulo - SP


As it was not well known and practically hidden, the notions and sewing accessories store was visited only by those who had already been there and who had to make urgent purchases. The challenge of nova/batata was to increase the amount of first time visitors, make the store stand out so as to attract new customers and make it well known.

As the name of the store did not say much about the nature of the business, we suggested adopting a complement to it: "Ponto e Linha" (Stitch and Thread). Regarding the new name, we created a new visual identity for the façade, were the main symbol is composed by red and white little dots. This new design stamps all graphic materials, such as posters, price lists, bags, packaging. Also, taking advantage of the artistic manual skills of the owner, we suggested a new line of differentiated products, as an additional attraction to customers: a sewing box and kit for beginners, pins with different heads and stylized thimbles. In order to test the potential e-commerce of some items, we suggested placing the pin cushions in the shape of sweets (which were already being sold), for sale at Tanlup and Flickr.

The small store of notions (small objects for the sewing craft) and sewing accessories was suffering because it lacked visual identity and customers were few. After two years of opening their doors to the public, the store was still unnoticed by the passers-by.

Curiosity: The client got really enthusiastic about the proposal and, immediately after the proposed solution was presented, the store facade was painted according to the new visual identity created by the team of young talents. The owners say that, since the suggested changes were made, Lojinha has been full of new customers. This success can be clearly measured by the number of times of inventory turnover: currently, 5 times a month, instead of 2. Transformation can happen from simple ideas.

Address: R. Sumidouro, 72
São Paulo - SP


A Japanese restaurant well known in the region for the friendliness of its owners and the quality of the food. It needed to renew its visual identity. We made a new logotype and proposed a new model of menu.

Address: R. Fernão Dias, 599
São Paulo - SP

Ateliê de Costura

Studio specialized in leather works. A logotype, façade suggestions, leaflets for clients (stimulating recommendation) were made and some strategic inputs were given.

Address: R. Ferreira de Araújo, 837
São Paulo - SP

Ateliê de Costura

A small store of electronic components and products, located at Butantã Street, since 1965.

Address: R. Butantã, 133
São Paulo - SP

The store has always had electronic components as a strong feature and it used to serve technicians that fixed TV sets, radios, etc. Today, these equipments get obsolete or outdated too quickly and people simply buy new ones. Because of this change, the store started selling other products such as computer, audio and video accessories. The store is not that well known to the public yet and it does not stand out on Butantã Street. One of the reasons is the name on the façade, not attractive enough. To make matters worse, the population of the region goes as far as Santa Efigênia Street – traditional electronic trading point in SP – because they are not aware there is a supplier very close to them.

One of the creative insights was "For any electronic need, there is a store closer to you than any other you were going to". After this, we suggested a new logo, a new façade and sign, as well as taking advantage of the external area to attract customers. A new website proposal was also created, followed by cards, personalized freebies, direct mailing to the offices in the region. A media plan was developed which included ads in Elemídia (videos in elevators), sending of personalized SMS and ads in newspapers of the region.


ecoisas is an e-commerce site that sells certified sustainable organic biodynamic products.

They wanted a new visual identity, the development of a slogan and communication pieces for the digital environment.

We developed a new visual identity, a slogan and the application of the identity on several materials in the digital environment – site, banners, e-mail marketing – besides suggestions of sustainable paperwork, such as the business card and stationery in cultivated paper. We also drew communication strategies, suggesting low cost actions of high impact. In addition, we oriented on the use of social media and some inputs on business guidelines.

Web address:

Instituto Singularidades

National reference in the initial and continued formation of teachers and specialists in education, Instituto Singularidades was one of the last clients serviced by the nova/batata team. A strategy was created so as to establish the position of the institute as a reference of quality in teaching. We proposed several actions, such as sponsoring Rosely Sayão column in the Equilíbrio Section of Folha de São Paulo. The strategy was so effective that they became nova/sb's client.

Address: Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 386
São Paulo - SP

Instituto Tomie Ohtake

Old Square, New Potato

Opened in November 2001, the InstitutoTomieOhtake is a reference in contemporary art, located in São Paulo, in Pinheiros district, close to Largo da Batata (Potato Square). According to the director of the Institute, Ricardo Ohtake, nova/sb triggered the development of this neighborhood that has been undergoing great urban changes due to the works of a new subway station. Expecting continuity and in order to establish itself as a forum for debates and a creative space of realizations, the InstitutoTomieOhtake has welcomed its neighbors.

That is how the exhibition "Velho Largo, Nova Batata." (Old Square, New Potato) took to the Institute the work done by the agency nova/sb, that changed façades and interiors of small stores in the region of the Largo da Batata (Potato Square) with communication ideas.

The multimedia show, opened from September 24 to October 16, 2011, brought together videos, pictures, an interactive totem and snapshots of all the action promoted by the first pop-up agency in Brazil.

Part of the content produced by this work could be seen in videos elaborated by the director and cinematographer Georgia Guerra Peixe (do not miss the nova/batata channel in the YouTube), that show the everyday work of nova/batata and the daily life of Largo da Batata in interviews with passers-by. In the interactive totem, with touch screen technology, the visitors could see the pieces created by the clients tended to by nova/batata.

The expographic conception was in charge of the architect Renato Baldin, the curators were Beatriz Pereira, director of nova/sb and general manager of nova/batata, and the art director Marcelo Maia, with the help of the "batatinhas" (little potatoes).

The exhibition was also shown at the 2ª Semana da Comunicação da FIAM (2nd Communication Week at FIAM) , from October 24 to October 28.

Address: R. Coropés, 88 – Pinheiros
São Paulo – SP

Lis Estilo

A clothing store that wanted to stand out. It had just been opened and it did not have a name. It was the last client serviced by nova/batata. It arrived a few days before the end of the operation of the agency. A name, façade, packaging and literature suggestions were created.

Address: R. Cardeal Arcoverde, 2898
São Paulo - SP

Parada Doce

A store sweet and savory specialties, next to nova/batata agency, where, in front of it, there is a bus stop.

Curiosity: The owners of the store asked Mr. Valter (agency's doorman) what nova/batata was all about, because he used to go there to buy grape juice. They got interested and told Mr. Valter they would like to be clients. Soon after, one of the "little potatoes" – the trainees - went to the store to get the briefing.

Address: Largo de Pinheiros, 81
São Paulo - SP

The store was very new and it did not have a clear positioning. They thought that they should begin by calling attention to the specialties of sweet and savory and, once in the store, the customers would be driven to purchase other things from a wide range of products. The name FN Doces (social name) did not sound inspiring and the logo did not stand out from the other stores on the street.

Due to the circumstances described in the Challenge, it was necessary to define a clear positioning. Taking advantage from the place where the store was located (in front of a bus stop) and the kind of business (selling sweet and savory), we created the suggestive name "Parada Doce", that means "Sweet Stop" in Portuguese. As the name was changed, we developed a new brand identity, applied on the logo, personal cards, new façade and price tags.

2 Nellore

Butcher located on Pinheiros Square, in front of the church, with a confusing communication.

Curiosity: The owner lost faith in the potential of the region. After he saw the communication pieces, he began to trust there would be a way of taking advantage of the promised revitalization and to do more business.

Address: R. Campo Alegre, 42
São Paulo - SP

The visual communication needed unity. Even the name was written in different ways in two places of the store and there was more than one logo. To attract more customers, it was essential they adapted to the changes in the region.

We proposed a new visual identity, with a new logo and its application on the business card and wrapping paper. As they offer a delivery service, we suggested a refrigerator magnet as a freebie and applying stickers to their two cars. We identified a good opportunity of communication with the sound box, which plays music turned towards the square and created a jingle to advertise the butcher.

Toys House Modelismo

Toyz Modelismo is a store specialized in airplane and car modeling.

Curiosity: The population of consumers of plane and car modeling is made up of men from all ages, 8 to 80 years old. They buy the product as a hobby, entertainment or passion for the sport. The meeting points are public places like public parks as Pacaembu and Ibirapuera Park or plane modeling clubs to practice the sport.

Address: Rua Padre Carvalho, 227
São Paulo - SP

The problem was they lacked visual identity: their logotype did not allude to the product and their ads and communication materials were not compatible with the potential of the store. The challenge was to make Toyz Modelismo better known to those interested in the segment, considering that their online competitors are the first to be seen in the Internet.

We created a new logotype to reinforce the products. We proposed an online strategy aiming at highlighting the site "toyzhouse" and also actions in plane and car modeling runways such as the giving away of kits (T-shirt, remote control band and cap), sponsorship of runways, pilots and events, loyalty card, monthly gathering, and forum in networks. We also created a video for the Internet that shows a pilot cleaning the propeller of a war airplane on Pinheiros Square. Some seconds later, a hand picks it up and it is revealed that the plane is, in fact, an airplane model, signed by Toyz Modelismo.

Assista nosso filme

Check in our Youtube channel all of nova/batata videos with daily scenes of the first pop-up agency in Brazil, the Largo da Batata (Potato Square) neighborhood and its characters.


The challenge was to help make the activity parkour better known and advertise the brand. The owner, Jean Wainer, is deeply involved with the parkour movement in the country and opened the gym to offer a space to its followers as well to Olympic gymnasts and martial artists. As the modality is new, they have still been looking for new members and thinking about ways to improve internal communication with the associated athletes.

Our strategy was to create a visual unity that stood out and valued the brand. We created all the visual communication around the logotype they already had – which identifies the site – this visual communication solution included the façade, internal decoration, uniforms, cards and stickers to decorate the counter. We prepared some differentiated communication actions in social websites and created posters and ads for the printed media, run in Folha de São Paulo newspaper, followed by flyers to be displayed in the cabs of the region (in a partnership with Cartaxi company, that operates in Largo da Batata- Potato Square).

Tracer is the first parkour gym in Brazil and it had been in activity in Largo da Batata (Potato Square) for a few months.

Curiosity: Parkour is a body practice that consists of moving from one point to another quickly, safely and efficiently, using only the body as a tool. It reminds people of sports they did as kids, like climbing and jumping from stairs, trees, sidewalks, slopes. The most daring practitioners make acrobatic feats on walls and the jumps look like those of radical sports.

Address: R. Cardeal Arcoverde, 2210
São Paulo - SP


Cidisa Music is recognized by a small group of fans of Jovem Guarda as one of the best stores focused in this musical genre. The owner wanted a space only for LPs and opened a new store.

Nova/batata created the name Discorama, with brand and visual identity inpired by Jovem Guarda. Pieces for the internal and external environments were created to advertise the store such as posters, disc bags, business cards, disc separations in alphabetical order and studies for the external space. The store was also introduced online, at a discs sales portal.

Lover of Jovem Guarda music (a brazilian rock movement from the 60´s, that had its start on TV, and was inspired in the Beatles and Elvis Presley), Isaías, after working at the former and traditional Simão Discos, bought the store to continue its history. That is how Cidisa Music was born: a store at Pinheiros Square that sells CDs, LPs, and musical instruments. Over the years and because of the changes in the square, the store got lost in the middle of cars, camelôs (street vendors) and passers-by. All the quality and variety of music offered at the place could be recognized and enjoyed by only a few people.

Curiosity: The owner, Isaías, is a lover of Jovem Guarda, and besides working at the store, he plays in a band, dedicated exclusively to music from this period.

Address: Rua Butantã, 13 – SALA 4
São Paulo - SP

C do Padre

After being closed for some months, the bar had to recover its identity, its old customers and be part of the city´s bohemian itinerary again.

In order to reinforce the tradition, it was decided, together with one of the partners, that sticking to the nickname "O C do Padre" would be interesting to give personality to the bar. After the new logo was approved, in Baroque style in reference to the church and to the name itself, several pieces were developed and they depict the bohemian air and the cheerful casual atmosphere of the place.

Originally named Bar das Batidas, this bar became widely known among the bohemians as 'C do Padre' (Priest's Ass) due to the fact that it is located right behind a church. So, in English, it would be named as something like The Priest's A. After its founder, who used to make delicious drinks, died and with the works in the neighborhood, the place was forgotten and ended up closing down. With its recent reopening, C do Padre had to find a way to call the attention of the São Paulo bohemian consumer again.

Curiosity: It is one of the oldest bars (inaugurated in 1954) that remains open in São Paulo.

Address: R. Padre Carvalho, 799
São Paulo - SP

Mercadão dos Pinheiros

The Pinheiros Market had been forgotten by the population and got lost amidst decadent and rundown buildings, and innumerous construction areas in the region. The reasons to be forgotten are several: the region, which used to be residential, has now become mainly commercial. Besides, the direction of the streets changed and it lacks signalization to get to the market, which, for its part, was not well signaled. As some of the stores began to deliver goods, the flow of customers decreased in consequence. So, the challenge was to advertise the market, attracting new customers and inviting them to stay longer, with the intention to turn the market into a landmark in the city, as it once was.

First, we showed the importance of an identification sign on the façade. Then, we suggested an identification for each one of the store boxes, which would carry images exemplifying the segments they are in. The same images would be applied to the wrapping papers.

To deeply understand the scenario and its strong and weak points, a survey was carried out with the several publics of the market. The situation was analyzed and the opportunities and threats pointed out. One of the best characteristics of the market was the high quality of the products. Thinking of it, we developed a quality seal (sticker) to be glued on the products.

In addition, posters and leaflets were made to publicize the market as a whole as well as for each store separately. A flyer to be distributed on taxis was also developed, in partnership with Cartaxi company. This action, a partnership with Cartaxi, involved 11 clients of nova/batata.

A spot was run at Rádio Capital and ads were published in Folha de S. Paulo and Agora newspapers. We also created a website page (the market didn't have one) and a campaign with funny short videos for Internet.

The Pinheiros Market was opened on August 10, 1910 and it was known as the market of the "caipiras" (people from the countryside). Among its customers are some well known chefs de cuisine. However, the market had lost visibility due to the urban remodeling and changes in the region surrounding Largo da Batata (Potato Square).

Curiosity: The Pinheiros Market was opened on August 10, 1910 and it was known as the market of the "caipiras" (people from the countryside). The name "Largo da Batata" (Potato Square) originated from the market and the potato trade that took place there. Today, one of its customers is Alex Atala, considered one of the best chefs in the world.

Address: R. Pedro Cristi, 89
São Paulo - SP

Ponto de taxi Largo de Pinheiros

Finding a way to advertise the service, making people percieve the "Pinheiros Square Taxi Stand" as a reference when they need a taxi.

We suggested a differentiated card, in the shape of a taxi sign light, to be delivered to the customers. Aiming at creating a fact that could call people's attention and generate spontaneous media, we made the first facebook fan page of a taxi stand which also works as a tool of information exchange on the traffic. In order to invite passengers to access the fan page, and also to have a little fun while on transit, an advertisement was placed inside the cars to invite people to vote on facebook if the taxi driver is driving well or not.

To raise extra money and also to collaborate with the small traders, a new media of "take one" was installed inside the vehicles, to advertise the products and services offered around the neighborhood. In the first 15 days, leaflets were distributed, advertising 11 clients of nova/batata.

As everything in the region, this client also has an interesting story: It is one of the first taxi stands in São Paulo City and the first in Pinheiros district, where it has stood for more than 80 years.

Espaço da Beleza

The façade is similar to every other beauty salon in the region and the client wanted to change it, remodel it, create a business card and service information signs.

A new visual identity applied to business cards and literature, describing services, a new façade and two signs advertising promotions and differentiated services. Different strategies were suggested such as relaxing hints to be offered during the conventional treatments of a beauty salon. Examples: manicure- clay mask; pedicure – hot water/bubbles for the feet; waxing – relaxing music.

Located on Pinheiros Square, the beauty salon is a family business, opened five years ago.

Curiosity: The space is run by the family: mother, sister and daughter.

Address: R. Campo Alegre, 70
São Paulo - SP

Trico no Lardo de Pinheiros

Following the example of actions in other countries, nova/batata and volunteer knitters promoted the action Urban knitting in front of Paróquia Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat (Our Lady of Mount Serrat Church) , on Pinheiros square, on june 18, 2011.

Also known as inoffensive grafitti, trees and lampposts were involved by colorful knitted bands while the knitters made more ornaments. Our aim was to call the attention to the place, make it look more cheerful and attract new public to the region. About 30 people participated in the action, among knitters, volunteers and support people. Several weeks later, the decorations still remained.

Traço da União

Positioning it as the best samba house in São Paulo, creating visibility so that it has strong arguments in the search for sponsorship and making it a producer of content for the public interested in the genre.

Logo, slogan, card, calendar with the birthdays of samba icons, stickers of the house, broadside, night of the double shot cachaça (you pay one and get another for free), blog, podcast, action at Foursquare, Clube dos Bambas (Fidelity action), gringo samba (action to teach foreigners how to play samba) and advertising in hotels in the region.

Located in a colorful warehouse next to Largo da Batata (Potato Square), the samba house Traço de União has already been chosen as the best place for live music in São Paulo. Years later, the quality remains the same and every night the place gets crowded with young people, lovers of good samba.

Curiosity: Beth Carvalho, sambista of great recognition and visibility, is the godmother of the house.

Address: Rua Cláudio Soares, 73
São Paulo - SP

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